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       City of Organic Brand under the concept “Best Origin of Organic”

We offered the products which produce from selected organic source. Thus, all products are good for health and be certificated by
the organic organization in Thailand. For example the best source of rice berry in Thailand is from North East:
they can produce high quality rice berry with full of nutrients and minerals.The best source of Turmeric in Thailand is from South:
at Surat Thani they can produce highest quality Turmeric in Thailand etc.

Our R&D team with more than 20 years of experiences to research and develop only organic products which good health
and premium quality cosmetic under "City of Organic" Brand. we proudly that we got OTOP 5 Stars Awards continuely 4 times.

"City of Organic" established and developed by a team of scientists since 2004 for 13 years
our product is available nationwide and overseas

Benefits of Organic Riceberry :

Riceberry Rice is the new variety of rice that has been bred in Thailand. 

The rice is deep purple in colour; this gorgeous dark colour is typical of
plants that yield high nutrition. Riceberry Rice Nutrition Profile
Riceberry rice is rich in many antioxidant that help our immune system stay healthy.
It contains significant levels of:

Beta-carotene,Gama Oryzanol,Vitamin E,Folic Acid,Tannin,Zinc,Bran Oil

Skin Benefits :Flawless Skin,Stalls Premature Aging,Maintains Skin’s Elasticity,

Treats Acne,Cures Eczema,Soothes Rashes And Sunburns

Hair Benefits : Heals Damaged Hair,Works As A Natural Hair Conditioner,Treats Dandruff



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