Organic White Hair Cover Shampoo

Code : OG-04
Name : Herbal Shampoo Henna Grey Hair Wipe-Off
Size : 80 ml.(1 Box = 7 Pcs.)
Price : 1,350 Baht

Benefits :

Indications: Use shampoo for grey hair to black hair by nature herbal without chemicals 100%.
Hair not to dry or damaged by herbal mixed with henna, butterfly pea, aloevera and treatment herbal
to help your hair smooth, soft, shiny and healthy hair. Reduce the symptoms of grey hair.

Main ingredients: Henna, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime, Butterfly Pea, Thai Herbals

How to Use:
1. Wash your hair with shampoo without conditioner. Wipe it dry damping.
2. Use Herbal Shampoo Henna Grey Hair Wipe-Off apply on root of grey hair and all scalp.
3. Use a shower cap covered and leave it. If a lot of grey hair should leave it for 5 hours,
but if less just leave it for 2-3 hours.
4. Rinse your hair with clear water and gently massage your hair and scalp.
5. Use a towel to dry hair. You can use as you want in case of a lot of grey hair.

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